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Airport Due Diligence Systems  

Vacancy Management

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Simple, effortless airport recruitment with the added advantage of using our Rekruit Airside Manager software to process individuals for their airside pass.

Airport recruitment is a continual treadmill, and is difficult for most airport employers. Not only do you have the typical hurdles of finding and recruiting staff, you have to process individuals for a pass for all airside positions which can a time consuming task, and often not completed in time before a temporary passes expires.

Rekruit offers a variety of services to overcome these challenges.

We have a regular throughput of airport based applicants who are registered on our website, looking to work in the airport environment. Once an applicant registers they are prompted to fill out their 5 year history, CRB status, GSAT etc. so their information is at hand from the moment they are offered employment.

Our vacancy and jobs service enables employers to search our database for relevant employees and contact them direct for interviews/job offers etc.

Alternatively, if there are no suitable applicants on our database, you can advertise unlimited vacancies on our website which are then advertised with leading job sites for free. Interested applicants are asked to register on our website and apply for your vacancy. All applications are stored in your response sections for you to review and consider at your convenience. No direct contact details are given to any applicant, saving you the hassle of receiving countless emails and phone calls. Templates are available to reply to each applicant advising them of your decision, from a polite rejection email, to a 'Congratulations, you have been shortlisted' message.

Once the applicants have registered, they will complete the information required for their airside pass, so once you have made your final job offer, you can start processing that individual immediately for the airside pass.

Our Vacancy Mangement service is an efficient, cost effective partner for your airport recruitment.

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Send us your enquiry regarding our services. If it's airport related, we'll probably be able to help.

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