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Airport Due Diligence Systems  

Permanent Recruitment and Headhuting Services

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Finding the right person for your vacancy can be a time consuming task, filtering out countless applications to end up with a short list of viable CV's for you to interview. Our experience enables us to find you a variety of perfectly suited candidates for your role, fast.

Being a specialist airport recruiter, our headhunting services are bespoke to your requirements. We have the knowledge and network of airport applicants ranging from basic semi-skilled personnel through to those hard to find qualified applicants that are unique to the airport environment.

Our services include the provision of:-

Administration   Baggage Handling   Cafe and Restaurant   Cleaning   Customs and Excise   Cutomer Service   Driving   Electrical   Flight Crew   Food/Meal Preparation   General Services   HR/Recruitment   Logistics   Mechanical   Pilots   Porters   Ramp Agents   Security   Technical   Training   Warehouse   Other  

**Other specialist sectors available upon request.

Our charges are available upon request, based off the annual salary of your employee.

Once we have found the ideal applicant and you have offered them the role, you can use the software facility of the Rekruit Airside manager to process the individuals quick and effortlessly for their airside pass, FOR FREE.

If you recruitment requirements include unskilled or semi-skilled personnel, then we would recommend you join our Jobs sector through our website and advertise your vacancies to our network of airport applicants. This would prove a far less expensive method of attracting your applicants.

Send us your enquiry regarding our services. If it's airport related, we'll probably be able to help.

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