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Airport Due Diligence Systems  

Managing Your Own Applicant Process

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Larger organisations prefer to outsource their airside pass processing, saving themselves time and having no real requirement to keep up to date with the ever changing rules and regulations. Managing an applicant throughout the airside pass process is a time consuming, frustrating task.

There are however downsides to outsourcing..

You will complete the airside process quicker if you are managing your own staff - Third party referencing agencies do not have the resources to closely monitor individual staff. Your staff are on a treadmill, with a limited number of administrators managing your employees, along with everyone else's.
Your employees will not respond to the third party referencing agency with any urgency unless they are under pressure to obtain an airside pass, which results in your referencing agency having to contact you for help regularly.
You won't always have a true picture on your applicants status or estimated completion date... this is critical for planning if your business relies on airside passed personnel.
You cannot place any urgency over particular staff that are wanted quicker than others - most referencing agencies do not have this ability to prioritise applicants because of their production-line environment.
The outsourcing charges can be considerable for each applicant, and all those employees that leave during the process will still carry a cost from the referencing agency, regardless of what stage they were at.
The benefits of managing your own staff vastly outweigh the benefits of outsourcing, in terms of turn-around, transparency and costs. The Rekruit Airside system makes managing your own employees a breeze, and can easily be integrated into your operation without any strain on your current workforce.

The Rekruit Airside system will provide your company with the following support:-

No need to explain the airside process to applicants, or collect their information
The Rekruit system will communicate with all applicants, and capture all required information needed to start their airside process.
No need to create pages of tedious reference requests, using different templates for different airports
All reference requests are automatically generated for you, on your headed paper and suited to each of different airport requirements.
No need to write repetitive file notes, applicant letters or rejection letters to referees
The Rekruit Airside system manages all of your stationary requirements including all mandatory file notes for airport ID Centres.
No need to send anymore email reference requests, attaching documents and writing covering letters
Reference requests can be automatically emailed. With one simple click the system will generate and send the reference request including the introductory text/guidelines and attach the reference as an attachment.
No more wading through pages of spreadsheets to see how your applicants are progressing
Simple layouts give you an immediate overview of your employee's status and activity. 1 administrator can manage 100's of applicants.
Delegate and share your companies airside requirements
Have unlimited company admins for each different airport, enabling your various airport managers to manage their own employees
No need to worry about GSAT tests or Disclosures
The Rekruit Airside system gives you the option for Rekruit to arrange GSAT tests and UK CRC's for your employees - a simple one click command tells our administrators to arrange these documents on your behalf for the relevant employee.
No more chasing referees for aged reference requests
The Rekruit call centre team can follow up your referees to an arranged diary each week, to ensure you receive references back in a timely manner. All countries accommodated for with our multi-lingual call centre staff.

So what's left for you to do?

Click a button to email your reference requests, or print off the automatically generated reference request to post. When the reference has been completed and returned, check the content meets with the requirements of the relevant airport using the checklists provided.

We'll take care of everything else!