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Airport Due Diligence Systems  

Airside Pass Software

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Making your airside pass processing a simple task - all UK airports covered and no restrictions on number of applicants. Efficiently process new applicants, manage ongoing pass expiry dates, free airport recruitment, and much more.

Starting a new applicant

Simply add the applicants name and allocated airport to the 'Alert' section, and an email containing all the information required to register will be sent to your applicant.

Applicant Information

Once the applicant has registered, they are guided by the system into providing the exact requirements needed by their relevant airport, for example 5 year history without any unaccounted periods (28 days), CRC, GSAT and any overseas Police Check.

There is no requirement for you to explain the process or become involved with your applicants at any stage - the Rekruit Airside manages their entire process on your behalf.

Starting the Process

Once the applicant's information has been completed and accepted by the system, you can then start to send out your reference requests. Each reference is automatically generated based off the information the applicant has provided, so there is no need for you to create any documents.

All reference requests are created to a template suited to each airport and reference type (Gap, Education, Employment etc.), as some airports have different requirements. Alternatively, if an email address has been provided for a reference (excluding a Gap reference), you can simply send the reference request to the referee with just one click, and the system creates the full introductory email request, along with the reference template as the attachment.

Receiving References

Once reference requests have been returned, you will need to check the content, and update the system accordingly. If a reference is rejected due to incorrect content, you can automatically generate a letter of rejection for the referee, or a letter to send to the applicant.

CRC's, Overseas Police Checks and GSATs

Each applicant has a separate section for their supporting certificates. The system takes into account which documents are required, and builds them into the overall process. (*see below Date Sensitivity section)

Applicant Prompting

The Rekruit Administrators will identify which of your applicants are taking too long to provide their information and send out polite, chasing emails twice a week prompting them to complete their missing details. Obtaining applicant information as soon as possible is critical for a quick airside pass process.

Call Management

Any reference requests that have sent out, will show up in your Call Management section if they have not been received after a number of days. From your Call Management section, you can access the contact name and details for you to follow up (** see foot of page for Rekruit support). You can add notes from your conversation and set a call back date in case the referee does not respond in a certain timeframe. That reference will then be removed from your Call Management section and re-appear on the day you set as the call back date, unless the reference has been received.

Monitor Your Applicants

The Rekruit Airside application gives you a very simple overview of all of your applicants, with small icons representing the status of each reference, the applicants CRC's and GSAT. This facility enables you to quickly analyse the progress of each of your applicants, regardless of how many you are processing.

All changes in circumstances from each section are date stamped for your traceability.

Applicant Notes

Within each section, you can add notes for your or your other company administrator’s information.

Completed Applicants

The system will highlight all applicants that are ready for their pass, and generate all finished pack paperwork for you, including File Notes required for The ID Centre, and reports for your future reference. The applicant is then shown as being 'with the ID centre' for your information.

Date Sensitivity

Due to the strict regulations from each airport on how information is presented, the Rekruit Airside facility closely monitors all date sensitive material and warns you in advance of any expiring or expired information.

References are checked to ensure there is no more than a 28 day unaccounted period in between each reference, unless a warning will show.

The issue dates of an applicant’s UK CRC are checked to ensure they are within 10 weeks of the current date. Any CRC's about to expire will be brought to your attention in advance. Overseas CRC's will only be acceptable if the issue date was within the last 10 weeks of the applicant leaving the country, otherwise a warning and explanation will be given to you and your applicant.

Stationary Section

The Rekruit Airside application provides a full array of stationary options, all automatically generated by the system. You will not be required to manually raise any paperwork throughout the entire process regardless of whether you are sending a letter to your applicant about applying for a CRC, or creating a File Note for the ID Centre.

Ongoing Pass Management

Once your applicants have been issued with an airside pass, enter the details and expiry dates and the system will store the information, and alert you 3 months in advance of their expiry date.

The system will also manage landside passes and temporary passes, giving you a record of all the details and expiry dates (If the pass is a temporary pass, the system will only alert you on the day of expiry).

Visa Management

Aside from the airside pass management, the Rekruit Airside will also (if required) store your applicant Right to Work Visa dates and alert you in advance of their expiry dates.

Free Airport Recruitment

As a user of our software, you can also post unlimited vacancies onto our jobs board, which are then advertised to an audience of jobseekers who are seeking work in a UK airport. As available jobseekers can register on our website at anytime, they will have already completed their 5 year history and supporting documents on the system which can then be transferred into your company portal should you decide to recruit them. This will offer you the benefits of having the applicant details as soon as you start their process for an airside pass, potentially saving 1-2 weeks off the completion time.

Call Centre Support

The main cause of delays for airside screening is the response time from referees both here in the UK and overseas.

Rekruit can provide a multi-lingual telesales service, calling both of your applicants and referee's for any outstanding information at regular intervals. Our telesales team are experienced in the airside process, understanding the requirements from each airport.

All calls are logged in real-time and available for you to view through the Rekruit Airside software.

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UK CRC and GSAT Support


Making the arrangements for an applicant’s CRC and GSAT is a necessary chore. Rekruit can eliminate this process on your behalf by contacting your applicant and organising the required certificates. Once received, we will forward both certificates on to you.

We will explain the requirements to the applicant and send them the appropriate forms and handle any rejected applications, or failed GSAT courses.

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Send us your enquiry regarding our services. If it's airport related, we'll probably be able to help.

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