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Airport Due Diligence Systems  

Airside Pass Screening Services

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Any airport employer will know the difficulties processing employees for their airside pass. Speed is essential, in order to finish the process before the applicants temporary pass expires, or they will have to cease work or work in a landside position. This still leaves you with the problem of having unfilled vacancies on airside.

Rekruit have years of experience in processing applicants in most UK airports efficiently. We provide outsourced screening services to a number of airport companies, from retailers, cafes, restaurants, cargo and flight companies.


All screening clients can enjoy free access to our Rekruit Jobs section - advertise unlimited vacancies to our growing database of airport jobseekers.

What We Will Provide

Speed The Process Up Even More!

By choosing a jobseeker from our database (Jobs Section), we will immediately have all the required information from your applicant to start their airside process. This can reduce the process time to complete the applicant's file of up to 2-3 weeks.

Our target (whilst not always achievable) is to process your applicants taken from our Jobs Section within 30 days.

Send us your enquiry regarding our services. If it's airport related, we'll probably be able to help.

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